mom: so hun i was in your room


and i accidentally started going through your stuff


and i found your phone


it was unlocked so i went through your messages too, who’s alex? is that your boyfriend? you can totally talk to me about crushes and boys!!!


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But the wage gap varies significantly by race, according to an analysis from the research organization AAUW. While white women experienced that 78 percent figure, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander women made 65 percent of what white men made in 2013, African-American women made 64 percent, American Indian and Alaska Native women made 59 percent, and Hispanic women made just 54 percent. Asian-American women are the only group doing better than white women, making 90 percent of white men’s earnings.

Woah, staggering.

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this is how I see their entire relationship

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Sky news just spoke to a reporter in Glasgow and had to cut the live thread because he was attacked and shouted at by no voters, waving the British flag, doing nazi salutes and burning the saltire.

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I'm confused as to what is happening in Scotland? What's this about?


ok so basically we had a referendum vote to see if we wanted independence
for a while it was really close and people were pretty much 50/50 on the decision
the votes came in at about 45% for yes and 55% for no
there was a lot of media bias by the bbc for the no campaign tbh
and nows there a few videos of whats to be believed people rigging the vote

now in glasgow unionists are rioting and targeting yes voters and doing nazi salutes and burning saltires
theres a chance it could escalate and spread to other towns as well
basically look at the stuff we’re reblogging and try educating yourself and please signal boost what is happening!!

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accidentally stuttering while saying your snarky comeback


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Scotland today.

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Happy 35th Birthday, Hermione Jean Granger! (September 19, 1979)

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yay the flea market when theatre fans shell out big money to talk to the stars they’re “friends” with

You mean. Yay the flea market where theater fans and performers come together to donate money and goods and time and energy for broadway cares/equity fights…

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I need feminism because a senator actually referred to a pregnant woman as a ‘host’.

Not a woman. Not a mother. A ‘host’.

You know what a host is?

It’s the victim of a parasite.

So this pro-life dude just made an argument against his own agenda.

And also, a host?

Fuck that shit. 

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A+ gif usage

laters suckeerrrsss

see ya!!

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I feel like this gifset is missing someone important:

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Tumblr and Puns

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